Expected Results

From the Council Recommendation, vocational education and training is to be understood as “the education and training which aims to equip young people and adults with knowledge, skills and competences required in particular occupations or more broadly on the labour market.” A new labour market is shaped worldwide on sustainable energy. Challenging and innovative education must be agile in adapting to these labour market changes and will be a driver for innovation. Vocational education on all levels will develop innovative practices to make learners and staff true factors of change. In the regions the alignment with the regional needs in the quadruple helix cooperation is worked out, for the building of knowledge, skills and attitudes forming regional skills-ecosystems.

In line with the general objectives of the call, SEED will result in:

  1. Regional growing cooperation on vocational excellence (EQF4-7) in five regions.
  2. A shared implemented vision on regional learning, transnational learning and adapting to the labour market, propagated by, and with broad acceptance within, the SEED consortium.
  3. Transnational development and exchange of good practices and tools.
  4. Innovative approaches for learning with impact.
  5. Adopted good practices and innovations from other regions.
  6. An international community on vocational excellence dedicated to Sustainable Energy.