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SEED (Sustainable Energy EDucation) is a CoVE (Centres of Vocational Excellence) program. It is essentially an initiative to establish transnational Platforms with the support of the Erasmus+ program aiming to find solutions so Europe to become a fossil free energy continent through education and research.

The need for that was born from the continuous continued worsening of weather phenomena resulting from climate change as well as the lack of well-equipped students, professionals and suitable labor capacity that is essential to change the tides and become prepared for the upcoming demanding years. Vocational education, as a driver for innovation and growth and agile in adapting to the labor market, has a heavy responsibility. Innovative, smart, digital and green ideas need to be developed in order to prevent the climate change, and the right time is now. Solutions are not yet clear and technologies are constantly evolving, so the overall environment is surrounded by an uncertainty, but every change should start with a well calculated leap of faith. And that program brings to the table the start of a well calculated solution.

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Objectives of Management

Taking into consideration:

The Regional Needs Analysis, the SWOT, the Innovation Domains, and the discussions within the participants as well as every other available information, the specific objectives of SEED are:

Objective 1: To prepare learners, students and existing professionals with the necessary skills and competencies for the future

Objective 2: To empower regional innovation based on regional needs, by reinforcing the connections within the regions (VET and regional stakeholders)

Objective 3: To scale up and make good practices explicit, enriched with experience value to promote attractiveness of work-based education. This in relation to a coherent set of activities and measurement criteria on regional impact and skills

Objective 4: To establish an international learning community, with shared standards, approaches, tools (toolboxes, videos) experiences and lessons learned to effectuate knowledge exchange and mobility of staff and students, to achieve excellence in vocational education

Objective 5: To establish and extend five COVES, one in each region.


There are 14 SEED partners carefully selected based on their range of expertise, skills, and experience in VET as well as in industry and with governmental organisations, to contribute with innovative approaches to regional skills ecosystem development on sustainable energy and excellent vocational education.

In addition to them, there are also 24 associated partners, companies and organisations that provide reflection, tools, expertise, and a dissemination channel. They will be actively informed about SEED and included in various activities.

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